1.) We talk about your business

We usually start with a collaborative dialog with ours clients. During this first dialog, we have to understand the needs of our customers whereas the client is testing the fit of ours skills and values with their organization’s needs as. Then process continues by clarifying the expectations of the consultation and engineering efforts (goals, etc.) and desired characteristics of the client-consultant relationship. This first step should be end up with a contracting.

2.) Feedback and Decision to Act

Formally we come with the client to a mutual understanding about the activities to be achieved. We therefore provide the client with a timeline plan to achieve theses activities.

3.) We let the journey beginn

Consulting or engineering activities in service of the project’s goals are carried out in close collaboration with the client organization.

4.) Follow Up

Once the activities are completed, we and client look at the progress compared to the intentions. If the work is completed, this is the time to celebrate that completion and plan the evolution. If there are still actions to be taken, this is a decision point about renegotiating the contract

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